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3 tables with moderate gameplay and fun. Abnormal fast loosing of the ball witout having made points. Physics still a bit spongy.
CD cover Fussball Edition 2006
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS win98/Me/2000/XP  
year of release/ producer 2006 by rondomedia
CD-titel: Pinball Fussball edition 2006
%/% screen
100/100; adjustable by cameraview 3 3 3
2D/3D 3D 10 10 10
configuration rather few, the settings of the keybord are ok but unchangeable 2 2 2
# of balls 5  
multiball Free Kick: Fast MB`s possible. no yes yes
restart OK 2 2 2
physics Ok but the ball bounces too much, especially on the flippers. No improvement to Ultimate Challenge. Often too fast when bouncing off parts and then usually gets lost. 25 25 25
graphics rather moderate 6 5 6
difficulty Special tasks are difficult to finish, some parts (and the additional flippers) are hard to hit (only by luck). You need good balls to open the few modes there seem to exist. Balls are lost very fast. 5 6 5
fun Woudn´t it be for the fast lost balls and the few modes they could be quite fun. The counting is absurd. 13 11 10
layout / gameplay Too many areas and targets you get only by luck. 5 5 6
specials Footballfigures as bumpers. Only combos as specials. 2 3 3
tilt/nudging kind of strong 1 1 1
comments Features are missing. The ones existing are primitive and few. They all are killers and rarely allow a decent ball.  
purchase sometimes in auctions and shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 74 73 73
  personel highscore 19.130.000 123.172.000 12.540.000