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Interesting good early 3D tables.
Not the easiest but nevertheless worth playing.
This is where Space Cadet, the pinsim hidden in windows XP comes from.
CD cover Pinball`95
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS win95 (runs under win98)  
year of release/ producer 1995 from Maxis
CD-titel: Pinball 95 or Full Tilt Pinball
%/% screen
no, 100/55 2 2 2
2D/3D 3D, the angel seems very steep 8 8 8
configuration the shift+ ctrl keys can´t be used 1 1 1
# of balls 3  
multiball yes yes yes yes
restart easy 2 2 2
physics pretty good! 25 25 25
graphics resolution only up to 800x640 8 7 8
difficulty Space Cadet: Known from windows 95 where it was hidden. Long games without much attraction.
Skulduggery: not easy with many objects to hit.
Dragon´s Keep: Very difficult and fast out. One target kicks the ball out in over 60%.
8 6 2
fun Space Cadet: the features are missing
Skulduggery: a full load of objects and targets
Dragon´s Keep: very interesting especially when the ball runs
8 14 18
layout / gameplay average to very special 8 9 9
specials Space Cadet: a black hole that changes the balldirection
Skulduggery: a full load of objects and targets
Dragon´s Keep: skill-shot with instant 2-ball
1 7 5
tilt/nudging very modest but very sensible for tilting 0 0 0
comments shouldn´t be missing  
purchase sometimes in auctions, rare in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 71 81 80
  personel highscore 18.890.000 32.511.200 191.612.500