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The layouts may get your interest. But playing is almost impossible. You won`t get a decent ball. The tables, except for the layouts are very similar.
This one is a no go for me.
CD cover Las Vegas Pinball
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS win 98/ME/XP/Vista  
year of release/ producer 2007, Fancy Bytes (german software)
CD-title:Las Vegas Flipper
%/% screen
no, 100/100 3 3 3
3D 3D adjustable in cameraview (different bird views and movingview) 10 10 10
configuration you can`t change the keys! Flippers and tilt (shift - Strg) are very close. 1 1 1
# of balls 1/3/5  
multiball yes Black Jack: faster lost than on the playfield yes yes yes
restart easy 3 3 3
physics not the worst but jumpy on the flippers. Aiming seems rather luck.
Slot Machine: Much less jumping on the flippers
24 24 26
graphics nothing special 5 7 6
difficulty Roulette: absolutely unplayable. The left kick-back shoots the ball out the left kick-back !?? 7 4 7
fun Roulette: Could have been the most interesting one of the three. 8 6 10
layout / gameplay 5 6 5
second playfields
1 1 1
tilt/nudging The strg-keys to tilt and the shift-keys for the flippers - not to change! So you frequently touch the tilt-keys without intention. 1 1 1
comments The counting is on all tables the same and not very conclusive. The Super combos get you not more points than the simple or double combo.  
purchase very rare rare
(max of 111)
reached score 68 66 73
  personel highscore 57.032.000 16.526.000 49.230.000