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A pretty old pinsim with rough graphics but interesting features:
moving targets (spaceships) and connected tables as bonus, one in the style of breakout.
Not only for his age good to play.
Very rare so grab it when possible.
CD cover Starball
valued features
Win/DOS DOS/win95 (ran under XP without problems!)  
year of release/ producer before 1992, reissue of Gametek (german software)
CD-titel: Starball
%/% screen
yes, 25/100  (it´s a very long playfield!) 0
2D/3D 2D 4
configuration keys are preset 1
# of balls 3  
multiball seemingly without no
restart ok 1
physics for his age pretty good! 24
graphics very rough resolution 4
difficulty Getting from the lowest level onto the next is the most difficult part; loosing the ball means entering the lower level 7
fun for the moving spaceships interesting 15
layout / gameplay very modest, the exception are the moving targets 4
specials moving targets, bonus tables and connected tables (one long playfield). 5
tilt/nudging Only with the spacebar and untiltable 0
comments shoot down several waves of enemy starships until you can built your own  
purchase very rare in auctions, not seen in shops rare
(max of 111)
reached score 65
  personel highscore