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Intersesting 3D tables stuffed with targets and ramps and a 2 player table.
The ballphysics are rather unpredictable.
CD cover Star Trek Pinball
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS DOS /win95 (runs in DOSBox)  
year of release/ producer 1998 by Interplay
CD-titel: Star Trek Pinball
%/% screen
no, 100/90 3 3 3
2D/3D 3D 8 8 8
configuration average 2 2 2
# of balls 5  
multiball yes yes yes yes
restart good 2 2 2
physics Ballspeed increases the nearer it comes to the flippers and might speed up suddenly! It´s rare the ball seems be rolling straight. The flippers are kind of weak.
Nemesis: the physics seem better
18 18 22
graphics could be clearer 8 5 6
difficulty Wide gaps between the flippers. The rolling direction not straight so the tiltkeys are important for your survival.
Quapla`: the flipperpower is hardly sufficient to do the loops
2 1 6
fun the physics lessens the possible fun 10 4 10
layout / gameplay much to do with many ramps 10 6 5
specials To Boldly Go: Targets coming out of the floor. For a two ball game shoot a second ball from his fixed path until it vanishes. Many ramps and tasks.
Nemesis: 2 player-table! Game on time or until reaching a given score.
7 3 4
tilt/nudging heavy movement and barely to tilt 0 0 0
comments It´s a pity the physics are so bad. There are versions of To Boldly Go = Dare Devil that seem to have better physics.  
purchase sometimes in auctions, rare in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 70 52 68
  personel highscore