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Stumbled by chance over this pinsim. Good graphics and physics. This one is very difficult and is draining much too fast. One just looses any ambition to fight for the admittance into the high-scores list.
CD cover Slam It Pinball Big Score
valued features
Win/DOS winXP, Vista, 7  
year of release/ producer 2009 Technetium Games LLC.
online release titel: Slam It Pinball Big Score
%/% screen
no, 100/60 due to resolution 2
2D/3D 3D 8
configuration very much to configure 3
# of balls 3/5  
multiball yes yes
restart good (6 clicks) 2
physics It`s good but not as good as Pro-Pinball. Ball jumps on the outlanes unpredictable. 25
graphics pretty good 9
difficulty Extremely difficult. I can`t keep the ball in game for a good score. The safe shoots the ball usually out. Never got a multiplier. The modes rarely could be completed. The counting I don`t really understand. 2
fun Too fast out and therefore one won`t get to a bit of the action. I can`t imagine how to get even near to 50.000 points. 12
layout / gameplay interesting, the whole upper part is "thrown away" just to get the multiplier advanced. So the main playfield (95% of game) is just half of the table length. 7
specials Timelimited modes. Videogame. 7
tilt/nudging you can configure the tilt strenght 2
comments I don`t like to choose a player at the beginning. Just takes time. I`m dissappointed, I just don`t get warm with this pinsim. During a mode you mustn`t shoot in the lock (between bank-targets and left ramp)! The ball won`t come into the playfield again !  
purchase You`ll get it at the SlamIt Pinball online-shop available for 4,99$ (August 2011)
(max of 111)
reached score 79
  personel highscore 39.760.070