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A very old pinball simulation with respectable physics
but moderate gameplay.
CD cover Tristan
valued features
Win/DOS DOS but runs under win95  
year of release/ producer 1992 by Little Wing
CD-titel: Tristan
%/% screen
no, 95/50 1
2D/3D 2D 2
configuration none 0
# of balls 3  
multiball yes yes
restart you have to end your game 0
physics not bad for the age but sometimes slowing down. 22
graphics unspectacular 5
difficulty one of the easy ones 7
fun well for its age; the specials are missing 14
layout / gameplay unspectecular 5
specials   0
tilt/nudging only with the spacebar and weak. 0
comments simple table but nice playing  
purchase for download, not seen in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 56
  personel highscore 56.398.600