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Peculiar graphics and funny physics.
The tables look very funny and similar.
The CD belongs there, where our little friend
on the right comes out.
CD cover 3D Pinball Express
valued features
points points points points
Win/DOS win9x  
year of release/ producer 1998, Kelly Media (german software)
CD-titel: 3D Pinball Express
Flipperaction vom Feinsten
  (it says: pinball action of the best; what a joke!)
%/% screen
3D with/without scrolling (without, the targets in the upper playfield become pretty small) 100/90 1 1 1 1
2D/3D it´s supposed to be 3D but it´s a poor realisation 6 6 6 6
configuration keysettings unchangeable, few other options 1 1 1 1
# of balls 3/5 adjustable  
multiball yes, but the ball has to be shot in the playfield by yourself! so it more like an extraball yes yes yes yes
restart   1 1 1 1
physics kind of poor! The edges of targets etc. are very rough.The flippers are positioned in an awkward angle. At some places the ball gets stuck. Peculiar ballmovement happens regulary. 11 11 11 11
graphics rough object borders. The ball shrinks the farther up the playfield it goes. The objects seem to be hovering. The tables look more like done by hand. 0 0 0 0
difficulty The flipper lack power so you rarely get in the upper playfield. 5 5 5 5
fun what fun, the playing is cruel! 2 2 2 2
layout / gameplay rather poor 2 2 2 2
specials every table has 3 different playfields, not new ones but changed positions of the known objects. Jets partly animated. Some have a boundary to the upper playfield that has to be hit several times to vanish. 5 5 5 5
tilt/nudging Only from left and right and very sensible (might tilt with first try) 0 0 0 0
comments no need to play this one!  
purchase rare in auctions and shops rare
(max of 111)
reached score 34 34 34 34
  personel highscore