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The slightly unpredictable physics makes the controlling of the ball difficult.
Videos and animated moving footballplayers and referee in a football stadium!
CD cover Pinball Soccer
valued features
Win/DOS win  
year of release/ producer 1998 by Pin-Ball Games Ltd.
CD-titel: ran Pinball Soccer
%/% screen
no, 100/90 3
2D/3D 3D 8
configuration rather few 2
# of balls 5  
multiball yes yes
restart fine 2
physics The ball is difficult to control and may jump astonishingly far 18
graphics playfield in a football stadium! 7
difficulty the usage of the tilt-keys is very important 4
fun you try to get by the keeper of the opponent team and goal
when the players appear, don´t hit the referee too often!
layout / gameplay not much to do 4
specials skillshot, animated moving targets 7
tilt/nudging very strong and untiltable 0
comments when playing in a special mode, many other hits don´t count!?  
purchase sometimes in auctions, rare in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 63
  personel highscore