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There are 12 levels/connected tables to reach. You have to complete each level and too shoot into the next one what can be very difficult. Physics for the age ok graphics simple but no scrolling! Aiming difficult.
CD cover Pinball Mmagic
valued features
Win/DOS DOS (3,5" disk)under w9x; try the different graphiccards in the startmenu to find the one with the best ballspeed.  
year of release/ producer Loriciel 1989
CD-titel: Pinball Magic
%/% screen
no, 100/100 2
2D/3D 2D with a touch of 3D 3
configuration none I have seen 0
# of balls 5  
multiball no no
restart easy 3
physics for this age pretty good, at some walls or edges slowing down considerably 19
graphics just what can be expected from a 1989 pinsim, coarse but in the style of a pinsim. 2
difficulty the tasks are achievable but to get to the next level can be very difficult. From the startscreen you can`t shoot the ball with the flippers directly to the next level you depend on the bumpers to do that. 6
fun It`s not too much to do and some levels have targets to hit that only can be done by luck or when the ball is draining in the outlanes. Levels with pong. 8
layout / gameplay nice idea to jump up levels, but fast draining. Some levels with pong kind pinball. 3
specials 12 levels, pong 3
tilt/nudging don`t think so 0
comments Test the different options of the graphic cards. I found ballspeed most realistic with the third one. The counter is up to 99.000 but will count up several times for a game.  
purchase never seen before a rarity
(max of 111)
reached score 49
  personel highscore