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Oh, a positive surprise. Iridion has done a clean job with this new pinball simulation.
Excellent graphics and top physics.
This one mustn´t be missing.
CD cover Pure Pinball
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS win98, Me, 2000, XP  
year of release/ producer 2003 by Iridon Interactive
CD-titel: Pure Pinball
%/% screen
no, 100/90 2 2 2
2D/3D 3D with different views 10 10 10
configuration disappointingly few, the keys can´t be changed! 1 1 1
# of balls only with 5 balls playable!  
multiball yes yes yes yes
restart the game has to be started all over again 0 0 0
physics it shares the first place with few other pinsims 29 29 29
graphics high quality 10 10 10
difficulty the tables aren´t easy. High points means long but rather monotonous fighting.
I sometimes wonder about the award of points.
7 8 6
fun the tiring playing makes it kind of boring. A long ball doesn´t  automatically mean many points.
there are some positions from where the ball usually runs out.
10 14 12
layout / gameplay loaded full of ramps and targets 7 10 8
specials couldn´t get them yet 5 5 5
tilt/nudging a bit weak and very sensible to tilt 2 2 2
comments A highlight in graphics but for playing I´m not convinced yet.  
purchase regulary in auctions, sometimes in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 83 91 85
  personel highscore