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You will find the largest pinsim on this CD. It is called wasteland with 99 levels (you could say you have to play 1meter upwards).
And you will find the most scrolling pinsims (up/downwards, left+right!).
The physics isn`t that bad.
CD cover Living Ball
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS DOS, win95? (runs under DOSBox)  
year of release/ producer 1997,
CD-titel: Living Ball
%/% screen
yeeees, 100/10  and  50/50 0 0 2
2D/3D 2D  3 2 1
configuration the keys are preset 1 1 1
# of balls 3  
multiball never had one no no no
restart fast 3 3 3
physics quite good might get now and then a bit slow 23 23 23
graphics nothing special 5 4 1
difficulty wasteland gets you mad when the ball rushes down several levels without you beeing able to stop it.
The others have more of blind playing for the small part of the playfield thats visible.
5 7 5
fun Quite OK, but be careful not to get mad at wasteland!
When hitting special holes you get to play in 2 Bonustables for each table (with moving targets like space invaders or pong)
10 11 12
layout / gameplay moderate, small bonustables available (and seperatly playable) 3 5 3
specials bonustables 3 3 4
tilt/nudging only space-key, far up 1 1 1
comments The scrolling is cruel.  
purchase rare to find sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 54 60 56
  personel highscore 10.905.200  13.831.200