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For the release date good average physics. But you still can buy it in the online-shop.
The tables are made in 3D but with few affection and ideas and the few tasks are similar in each table.
CD cover 3D Pinball Unlimited
valued features
points points points points
Win/DOS Win98, WinME, Win2000, XP  
year of release/ producer 1998, TLKgames
CD-titel: 3D Pinball Unlimited
Flipperaction vom Feinsten
  (it says: pinball action of the best; what a joke!)
%/% screen
3D with/without scrolling (without, the targets in the upper playfield become pretty small) 100/90 1 1 1 1
2D/3D 3D. A second (apart from fixed) cameraview with moving camera. 6 6 6 6
configuration the important keysettings are changeable, few other options 2 2 2 2
# of balls 3  
multiball At least in western. ? ? ? yes
restart 4 clicks 2 2 2 2
physics average. Aiming can be difficult.
Space Attack: playes somehow a bit more smoothly.
24 24 25 24
graphics Very poor graphics and loveless conversion The ball shrinks the farther up the playfield it goes.
Space Attack: A conversion of the original table Flash.
2 2 3 4
difficulty They are rather simple to play because few tasks vailable.
Swamp of Terror: The flippers lack power so you rarely get in the upper playfield. Usually draining rather fast through the outlanes.
8 3 9 8
fun No action and the gameplay is very boring. There seem to be no specials at all! No bonus-counting. 9 6 12 11
layout / gameplay rather poor. You might get a 4th ball when ? I`m not sure when. 2 4 4 3
specials none I have detected 0 0 0 0
tilt/nudging A bit strong but ok. 3 3 3 3
comments It`s getting boring very fast. A few games per table and you loose interest.  
purchase Shop of TLK Games still in the shop for about 15,95$
(August 2011)
(max of 111)
reached score 59 53 67 64
  personel highscore 18.475.000 1.545.500 454.180.000 8.196.000