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The second pinball-CD from Sierra with 3 connected playfields.
Still there are problems with the physics.
Animated and moving targets bear some fun but it gets boring rather fast.
CD cover Creep Night
Creep Night    
valued features
points points points points
Win/DOS win 95 (runs from CD under XP!)  
year of release/ producer 1996 from Sierra
CD-titel: Creep Night
%/% screen
no, 100/100 1 1 1 1
2D/3D 3D but a poor effort 7 7 7 7
configuration quite a few and settings for easy/hard playing mode 3 3 3 3
# of balls 3  
multiball yes yes yes yes yes
restart easy to call up menu 2 2 2 2
physics less points because the borders of objects and the flippers don´t match the physical borders. The ball may roll throug the flippers or other borders! 17 17 17 17
graphics Castlethe themes are nicely converted 4 4 4 4
difficulty Creep Night: Starting table is the Castle who is the most difficult one of them.Depending on the setting easy/hard you may play for an hour and more. 6 6 5 6
fun Tables are getting boring rather fast. Lacks new tasks.
The unprecise borders will cost some balls.
I´ve never played a pinsim before where you can hit a jackpottarget about 70 times in a row!?
5 7 4 4
layout / gameplay easy playfield with split parts 5 6 4 3
specials Every table has 3 playfield areas.
animated and moving targets, floortraps
Castle: Warning! The witch sucks up the balls that gets to close and kills them!
7 8 6 3
tilt/nudging no good 1 1 1 1
comments Each table can be played single.
Playing from CD is possible (need a quiet disk drive).
The tables are afterall very simular.
purchase sometimes in auctions, sometimes in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 58 62 54 51
  personel highscore 426.719.000 256.729.000 18.045.582.000 243.774.000