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Again a surprise from Wildfire but still no 3D!
Not easy to play but certainly worth more than one try.
Stuffed with ramps and targets.
CD cover Kiss
valued features
points points
Win/DOS win  
year of release/ producer 2000 from Wildfire Studios
CD-titel: Kiss Pinball
%/% screen
no/yes adjustable to 100/50 2 2
2D/3D 2D 5 5
configuration pretty much to change 3 3
# of balls 3  
multiball yes yes yes
restart easy 2 2
physics one of the best 29 29
graphics varied playfields 8 8
difficulty These are up till now the most difficult pinsims from Wildfire. You need a long breath to start the tasks. 6 6
fun many tasks and stuffed playfields keeps you busy 15 15
layout / gameplay stuffed with many objects and ramps 8 8
specials Netherworld: magnet who changes the direction of the ball, video
Oblivion: second playfield level
8 6
tilt/nudging pretty good 2 2
comments pinballaction from the best but its disappointing that its still 2D
Netherworld: After some shots up the left ramp the game may end. on the Wildfire homepage their is a patch!
purchase sometimes in auctions, sometimes in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 88 86
  personel highscore 102.147.650 166.383.270