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Two tables whereas paladin wing is in the style of real pinball machines. Difficult but well done! With little videogames or extra (bonus) tables, worth playing.
CD cover Attack of the Silver Ball
valued features
points points
Win/DOS win9x, XP  
year of release/ producer 2002 by Roundhouse Entertainment
CD-titel: Attack of the Silver Ball
%/% screen
no; Paladin Wing: 100/90
Mafia Madness: 100/100 (not the classic table layout)
3 3
2D/3D 3D outstanding in different types of tables (classic - widescreen) 9 8
configuration No changing of the keysettings possible! 1 1
# of balls 3  
multiball Paladin Wing: several
Mafia Madness:
yes yes
restart Paladin Wing: 5 clicks
Mafia Madness: 4 clicks
1 1
physics Paladin Wing: good
Mafia Madness: The ball seems to get a bit fast
28 27
graphics Paladin Wing: very good
Mafia Madness: nice graphics
9 8
difficulty Paladin Wing: too fast out
Mafia Madness: quite easy
7 9
fun Paladin Wing: difficult but smooth playing
Mafia Madness: the gameplay is too much recuring. The modes are nice but not too challenging.
19 16
layout / gameplay Paladin Wing: very good
Mafia Madness: No targets or spinners, you have to go for combos and modes but smooth and fast playing.
9 7
specials Paladin Wing: a poor videogame and several modes
Mafia Madness: special games (Roulette and coin collecting), animated targets during modes
6 6
tilt/nudging after a little deviation it just seems to follow the old direction (into the out) 1 1
comments Paladin Wing: difficult but interesting
Mafia Madness: fast playing but without the real kick
purchase sometimes in auctions, sometimes in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 93 87
  personel highscore 80.076.689 51.937.314