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3 new 3D tables (and some known tables) with acceptable physics but poor gaming.
No specials, long (over dozen balls possible) but boring games.
The other known tables are a good starter (2+3D).
CD cover Pinball 30
valued features
points points points
Win/DOS win 98/Me/2000/XP  
year of release/ producer 2005 by rondomedia
CD-titel: Pinball (over 30 tables to play) german edition
seems to be called Pinball Master as well
%/% screen
no, 90/70 (adjustable) 3 3 3
2D/3D 3D/2D (2D scrolling)  adjustable 8 8 8
configuration very poor (easy, average, hard; sound, resolution) 0 0 0
# of balls 3, but a normal game will have about 10 balls and more!  
multiball no  
restart very good 2 2 2
physics Better than expectad. The ballspeed is ok as long as you don`t kick the ball hard. You won`t see the ball then for a second. 24 24 24
graphics nothing special 8 4 4
difficulty Rather very easy tables. 4 4 4
fun to long to play and not much to do 6 8 7
layout / gameplay rather modest tables 3 3 5
specials none really 0 2 0
tilt/nudging heavy movement from the bottom 1 1 1
comments This Pinball collection contains over 30 tables. Well, it is 3 tables that have each 3 different 3D themes and each 4 2D themes.
But there are others seemingly fully playable like Simon the Sourcerer, Judge Dredd, World League, Roswell, The Avengers, Visitors,Tarantula, Kick-Off, Jailbreak, Dare Devil, Jackpot.
So it seems a good catch for a start.
purchase sometimes in auctions and shops often
(max of 111)
reached score 59 59 58
  personel highscore 238.292.896 83.213.393 171.670.000