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Like the original with the real sounds.
Not too many features but I like this one even if it is not easy to play.
Visual Pinball/mame conversions in 3D exist
(see screenshot)!
CD cover Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball
valued features
Win/DOS DOS       
year of release/ producer 1994 from Amtex
CD-titel: Eight Ball Deluxe  (on 2*3,5" disks)
%/% screen
no (adjustable), 100/90 3
2D/3D 2D 5
configuration poor 2
# of balls 3/5  
multiball no no
restart game has to be started again 0
physics not just for 1994 already brilliant 28
graphics good, like the original 7
difficulty Difficult to keep the ball in play. The Tilt keys become important 3
fun not many features but who still knows the original will have lots of fun 16
layout / gameplay ok 6
specials   1
tilt/nudging very much needed but poor effect 1
comments Runs without CD. Operatable with the mouse.
As VP+VPM conversion in 3D playable (not easier).
purchase very rare in auctions, never seen in shops you´re lucky if you get one
(max of 111)
reached score 72
  personel highscore 5.395.750