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An emulator that uses Visual Pinball and the original roms from existing pinball machines to make conversions of them. Scripting knowledge is necessary.
In mid 2008 about 450 pinsims as conversions of real Machines, even with the original videogames! Those tables start in the 70`s and the newest are from 2007!
Tables running under VP 8 have to be worked over to run under VP 9. Both versions run side by side!
logo VpinMame
valued features
Win/DOS win98/2000/XP/Vista  
year of release/ producer 2001 by Randy Davis with regulary updates
titel: VPinMame (Pinball Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
%/% screen
no, 100/90 3
2D/3D 3D 8-10
configuration the original ones and some in Visual Pinball 2
# of balls 3 or 5 as the original  
multiball yes, when it was a feature of the real machine yes
restart 1 key but loading the table may take several seconds 2
physics excellent; in VP9 the bug with the ball possibly rolling through the moving flippers, when they have the same speed as the ball is repaired 29
graphics that depends on how good the pictures of the real playfield was 4-10
difficulty from nice to very challanging, well just as you might remember the real machine was 4-10
fun the better the tables are packed with targets and modes, the better they are for me. The older ones with more moderate layouts, the newer ones often with videogames and everything you want a pinball to have 10-20
layout / gameplay as the originals 7-10
specials what the real machine had, you will see and play in VPM, even with the original videogames 5-10
tilt/nudging depends on how its programmed 2
comments Its fun to play a pinsim you remember having played the real machine 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.  
purchase freeware freeware, monthly new tables
(max of 111)
reached score up to 108 possible