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The physic problems of Sierra have been reduced greatly.
The conversion of the theme seems weaker.
It is said that there are 9 Bonus tables. I haven´t seen one.
CD cover Turbo Rracing
valued features
Win/DOS win9x  
year of release/ producer 1998, 3D Ultra Pinball by Sierra
CD-titel: Turbo Racing
%/% screen
no, 100/100 1
2D/3D 3D 10
configuration quite a lot 3
# of balls 3/5  
multiball yes yes
restart good 2
physics very good, close up to Pro Pinball 29
graphics brilliant 10
difficulty coudn´t get to one of the 9 bonus tables, always to these two connected ones. It seems you play sometimes with several "bonus balls"?
fun gets boring; tasks are repeated to often. The ball in the outlanes is thrown back into the game as if it mustnt get out. 7
layout / gameplay nicely done but the screen isn´t optimal used 4
specials animated moving targets and connected tables 6
tilt/nudging very strong 2
comments not really interesting  
purchase sometimes in auctions, rare in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 77
  personel highscore 79.217.461