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This is the 3D conversion (1996!) of Pinball Mania.
Still I think the 2D versions plays somehow better.
In the pinsimpack Pinball Madness 3 there seems to be another work over with better graphical surface.
no cover
valued features
points points points points
Win/DOS win (DOSBox: no good physics and speed)  
year of release/ producer 1996 from 21first century
CD-titel: 3D VCR or Total Pinball 3D
%/% screen
no, 100/90 3 3 3 3
2D/3D 3D (or 2D) 8 8 8 8
configuration didn´t work!? 0 0 0 0
# of balls 3/5 adjustable  
multiball yes, up to 5 balls, without MB is Kick-Off. yes no yes no
restart   2 2 2 2
physics acceptable but not better than Pinball Mania
speed may fluctuate, aiming is difficult
22 22 22 22
graphics for the early age quite OK 6 6 6 6
difficulty Tarantula: The flipper lack power. High points will be given mostly in the second level that isn´t the easiest to get at.
Kick-Off: few targets that are difficult to hit
Jackpot:pretty fast out
3 5 7 5
fun Tarantula: the targets are difficult to hit but all tables have their attraction
Jackpot:some Las Vegas feeling may arise
14 12 14 12
layout / gameplay they are more or less standard 6 6 8 5
specials Tarantula: second level.
Jailbreak:second pair of flippers that are controlled in reverse!
Jackpot:play roulette onearm bandit and cards
4 4 5 5
tilt/nudging Only with the spacebar. 1 1 1 1
comments the 3d view isn´t jet optimal. The ball looses size in the upper part of the playfield.  
purchase sometimes in auctions, rare in shops sometimes
(max of 111)
reached score 69 69 76 69
  personel highscore 62.002.690 129.954.000 620.085.480