screenshots and reviews 
of original (do-it-yourself) Visual Pinball pinsims

Original (diy) tables are the ones that were created in scripting, layout and graphics by their developer! Keep in mind that someone has spend hours with his idea and working out. Not every table will look good or play as good as you expect. But there will be enough you will like and be thankful they exist.

For the number of VP8 tables (ca. 980) I have them seperated. The graphics are nine times out of ten rather poor but hey, these were the early years!
The VP9+10 pinsims have much better graphics and are put together in one folder because of theire still small number (mid 2021 ca. 111). Both folders are sorted by tablename. There are some pinsims (author(s)) I don`t play because they have no gameplay and the layout is primitive. Nevertheless I respect their working!

To see screenshots and reviews of diy-pinsims I use jalbum with the very flexible

tiger skin for original Visual Pinball

The earlier skin Fotoplayer was marvelous but was running only with flash playaer so I (had to) changed.

The reviews were done regarding the following aspects:
# of balls: The number of balls 3/5 is normally fixed in the script.
graphics: Very good 3D graphics. Original external pinsims may look like out of the 80+90`ies, some are conversions of real tables (Williams, Zaccharia).
table layout: A boring pinsim has only few targets or bumpers to hit. Not very interesting may be the counting when repeated hit targets always count the same. One needs an increase of action! How many (moving) targets, spinners, holes, ramps or other features to play for? The more the better.
lost: Some tables will kill your ball in seconds=6. As well as bad is a ball that just won´t get lost.
game: Do you have a chance with a good ball to hit the jackpot and other features of the table? Are there tasks to play for and/or timers used.
fun: Is it fun playing the table. Even tables with a bad "lost" rating may be fun (with a rare good ball) playing. Many conversions con be played in Visual/Future Pinball.
A #1 is good wheras #6 is a bad mark. As reviews depend on the person who makes them, these reviews and ratings are therefore completely subjectiv at the time done.
Of course my personal highscore mustn`t be missing. If there is something to say about the table, it will be at the end.