Online Pinball

Online games certainly became with fast Internet more popular. Pinball is played rather in single modus at home, nowadays certainly on your smartphone in a work break. Smartphone and most online pinsims are displayed in a rather small window, some even with a scrolling playfield. You can get your initials in high-score list most times after registration.

Online pinsims were often made for advertesing. They are very different in quality. You find many pinsims with rather poor physics and rarely good graphics and themes. Ballspeed varies from an unrealistic slow to unnaturly fast. Scrolling is still common.
The controls are often the arrow keys, plunger space or return. Sometimes you have to be registred to play. Sometimes a browser plugin like Flash player or Macromedia Flash Shockwave player has/had to be installed.

In 2011 I had found (played and reviewed) almost none online-pinsim that was reasonably good to play. The only ones with reasonable physics, good graphics, gameplay and layout even with a videogame are X-stream. You may as well try out Alice Cooper, Cereal Factory, Moneyshot Pb, Pepsi Pb, Planktons Revenge, Prinz Kaspian Pb, Road Hockey, Starsky&Hutch, Tiki Quest!

In late 2019 in times of Visual/Future Pinball, steam and smartphone pinball-apps I stumbled again over some new online pinsims still most with one or more of the online pinsims problems, even with scrolling! The ones I think playable are pinball simulator: Day of Dead + Octopussi Island and Zombie Pinball.
Most of the pinsims should be currently playable. Search for online + pinball or use a link at the bottom!

To see screenshots and reviews of online pinsims I use jalbum with the very flexible

tiger skin for online pinsims

The reviews were done regarding the following aspects:
# of balls: I used to play with 3 balls. 5 balls may kill a single good one completely and often the game gets needlessly long and boring.
graphics: Apart from the scripting you will want to have a table that looks interesting or even as you would expect a real machine to look. This can cost you a lot of work and time to put colors and images on the right places! So the tables vary very much. With every new version new options will get possible.
lost: Some tables will kill your ball in seconds=6. As well as bad is a ball that just won´t get lost.
fun: Most important. Is it fun playing the table. Even tables with a bad "lost" rating may be fun (with a rare good ball) playing.
game: Do you have a chance with a good ball to hit the jackpot and other features of the table? Are there tasks to play for and/or timers used.
table layout: A pinsim looses his attractivness when there are only few targets and spinners to hit. The same applies to repeated hit targets that always count the same. Are there many targets, spinners, holes, ramps or other time limited features to play for? The more the better.
A #1 is good wheras #6 is a bad mark. As reviews depend on the person who makes them, these reviews and ratings are therefore completely subjectiv at the time done.
Of course my personal highscore mustn`t be missing. If there is something to say about the table, it will be at the end.

You find many of the online pinsims at