some links of the few left over found pinball (CD) simulations sites

CD links
Martin`s Pinball Simulation Page with reviews, links and high-score list. Long ago since last update 2003 !).
Little Wings official Website.
The newest (2005) table is called Monster Fair. Demoversion ca 18 MB. Download of demo-versions. Seems out of service since 2013 even if a version of Crystal Caliburn II for iOS was released shortly before.
Some pinball addresses generally for real machines
The pinball-simulation site there was! (broken, what a shame) for PC-Pinball! Reviews, high-score lists, demo-downloads, news and some more information on pinball simulations. Everything one would be looking for or otherwise it did not exist!
CD`s have no market anymore so other sources for pinsims are asked.
Some (real) Pinball links.
Fast search for infos, images, manuals, roms, backglasses and more of real pinball machines.
Infos on pinball machines but mainly sells b machines parts and so on.
Infos and parts.
Infos, dates for pinball events (especially in USA), parts etc. ..