Visual Pinball

The webpage of Randy Davis, "father" and programmer of Visual Pinball is found at Randy Davis VP webpage. You will find infos on VP, history. At VPForum vpforum you get news, screenshots and downloads of VP/VPX, tables and you will find a forum around VP. With VP, running since win XP and successors ..Win10 you can create your own pinsims that are instantly playable. The physics are exellent. What you need to do: (VB-?)scripting. By the scripting you determine the rules of what will happen when a target is being hit, the counting and everything elses reaction you want to install into the pinsim. The second part that has to be done is the layout of the playfield that you want to be attracrive to play. So a good graphical program will be of use.

The VP community has already created over 2.750 (end 2022)! pinsims. Remakes of original tables (recreations and VPM) and self designed ones (originals, I call them do-it (yourselfes)). Since version VP9 it isn`t fully backward compatible, tables of VP8 have to be redesigned to run without problems under VP9. VP10 tables only run under VP10, latest version 10.72 (73 end 2022). All VP versions can be played parallel and VP8 isn`t bad playing! The capabilities of what can be done are growing steadily, you will be surprised again and again. Graphics are much better and realistic than in VP8.
So logically a new version of VP = VP 10 (or X) was released, already with several editions (10.73). Earlier VPX versions won`t be able to play all tables made with newer versions (or with problems so stay updated!). My problem with early VPX(10) versions was the ballspeed that was clearly too fast. 10.6 and 10.72 play rather normal. With my poor hardware some pinsims have a little lag with flippers and will be at present for me unplayable. Now and then a table won`t have the display showing, no ball or a script error will appear. So look for the newest VPX version, another rom! or perhaps a backglass.
Since the start of Future Pinball (as well with some parallel editions for better?! physics) the new number of pinsims especially originals has cut back clearly. As the site for downloadsinSim DB was unfortunately closed down in 2022. Since then I look at Pinball Nirvana for the becoming less number of FP tables.

VPinMame is an emulator that enables the original rules, lights, counters and videogames to work hand in hand with Visual Pinball. Wheras VP is responsible for the ballphysics and the appearance of the playfield. This means realisations of original pinball machines you might have played yesterday become reality at your PC. Meanwhile there exist over 600 (end 2022) different tables with VPinMame. Most tables are redesigned to run in VPX.
Even if Future Pinball can`t cope with roms yet, FP pinsims of machines of the 90´s and later are released and work as the originals. For my opinion the playing of the same tables in FP and VP makes no great difference.
Some tables work with the PinUp Player to simplify the working and control of different media. I have to give up with the tutorials/installation guides and just don`t play those tables. I just don`t think it is necessary for a nice game of pinball:

Problems with VP and VPinMame are rare, the forum at VPForum will certainly be of help or your problem has been already solved. For VPinMame you need apart from the unzipped table file the zipped romfile in VPinMame and the suggested/choosen folder "roms" that was asked for when installing VPinMame or can be determined new by setup(64).exe of vpinmame. Some tables ask for a .vbs in the table folder so I copy+paste them from scripts in VP itself.
Best use in "getting started" the newest VP installer 10.72 that has almost everything included you need for playing VP/VPM 8/9 or 10.